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Israel in Imax-Qualität

12. April 2012 · 1 Kommentar · Allgemein


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  • Victor

    Prior world conflicts cnanot be amodel for anything because today wehave a significant parts of Westernnations who do not identify with their nation and we have a globalmedia that did not exist in either1914 or 1939.These factors render our superiorfirepower somewhat irrelevant. Yes,we can probably drive to Teheran in30 days or less but that does notmean we will meet in a railway carwith Iran’s leaders to accept theirsurrender. Just as we have found inIraq the taking is the easy part itis what do you do with the animalonce you got it.I’m coming to think that maybe ourbest strategy is to ignite a SunniShia civil war. Its already begunin Iraq. Let it come to Lebanon andSaudi Arabia too. We CAN seize andhold the oil fields and terminals.

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