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Videos Operation Protective Edge

Hamas uses human shields

Hamas spokesperson encourages use of human shields on TV:


Hamas spokesperson Freudian slip: „We are leading our people to death“:


Examples of rocket launches from civilian areas:


Terrorists use ambulance:


Rockets fired from school:


Soldiers find house filled with explosives:


Terrorists shoot at IDF from within civilian homes:


Civilians serving as human shields enter area to be targeted by IDF who had fired warning shot:


Deliberate rocket fire at crossing Kerem Shalom from where humanitarian goods enter Gaza:


IDF protects civilians

IDF aborts attack when target enters ambulance:


IDF warns civilians in Gaza via leaflets and phone calls:


IDF telephone warning call to a Gazan before strike:


IDF calls of strikes due to civilians in the area:


Warning call to Wafa hospital before striking:


IDF sets up hospital for Gazans:



Motorcycle and weapons found in tunnel:


Tunnel opening and weapons found inside mosque:


Inside a tunnel:


Hamas terrorists try to infiltrate into Israel through tunnel:


Reports from journalists/others

Col. Richard Kemp (UK): „International commentary on Israel is distorted“:


France24: Rockets fired from near UN building:


NDTV: Indian reporters witness setting up of rocket launch site and rocket launch:


Finnish reporter about rocket launch from Al Shifa hospital


Al Jazeera: Rocket launch during broadcast:



Hamas spokesperson: Ceasefire means preparing for war:


Hamas spokesperson calls on Palestinians in West Bank and Israel to use terror attacks:


Secondary explosions after IDF targets terror sites proving that weapons/explosives were stored there:



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